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Review: The Ultimate Light box

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Ultimate Light box by Harbor Digital Design

(no…it’s not your mom’s recipe box ;-)

Bottom Line:
20090313_trio_ultimatte_037If I’m tight on space and only traveling with one camera bag this is the modifier I take with me. But even when I’m not tight on space I reach for this unique little “lighting system” much more often than I would have thought when first seeing it. At around $100.00 for the “Pro Kit” it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider it’s utility and wide range of uses…a definite must have… Continue Reading →

Review: The Kacey Beauty Dish

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location lighting with a flying saucer…

Bottom line:
20100206_kacey_bd_059My never ending search for speedlight modifiers that can handle the rigors of day to day location use and be used to create a wide range of light qualities turned up a beauty dish from a small PacNW company that is definitely worth looking into. The Kacey Beauty Dish is lightweight, can produce a variety of beautiful light, is built with an eye towards quality, has good range of excellent accessories and is rugged. At about $300.00 for the dish and bracket it’s a little spendy, but to me it’s a must have. Continue Reading →