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Lighting tips: a case for Mannequins

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Loving your Light Test Dummy…

Ever since Jim Harmons’ Portrait lighting class at Brooks Institute sometime last century I’ve had an ongoing love affair with “Light Test Dummies” (mannequins or girlequins if we’re being PC). From the simple plastic heads we started with to the lifelike descendents I use in my test studio and lighting classes today, I couldn’t imagine being without at least one (I have three currently) of these invaluable learning and testing tools. Continue Reading →

Review: The Ultimate Light box

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Ultimate Light box by Harbor Digital Design

(no…it’s not your mom’s recipe box ;-)

Bottom Line:
20090313_trio_ultimatte_037If I’m tight on space and only traveling with one camera bag this is the modifier I take with me. But even when I’m not tight on space I reach for this unique little “lighting system” much more often than I would have thought when first seeing it. At around $100.00 for the “Pro Kit” it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider it’s utility and wide range of uses…a definite must have… Continue Reading →

Review: The Kacey Beauty Dish

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location lighting with a flying saucer…

Bottom line:
20100206_kacey_bd_059My never ending search for speedlight modifiers that can handle the rigors of day to day location use and be used to create a wide range of light qualities turned up a beauty dish from a small PacNW company that is definitely worth looking into. The Kacey Beauty Dish is lightweight, can produce a variety of beautiful light, is built with an eye towards quality, has good range of excellent accessories and is rugged. At about $300.00 for the dish and bracket it’s a little spendy, but to me it’s a must have. Continue Reading →