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Glidecam HD2000 setup videos

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For the past few months I’ve been a new Glidecam user looking for info and self-training assistance on the HD2000 system. Scouring the web led to very few useful sources of information so I decided to take matters into my own hands by corralling Tom Howie Glidecams VP of Sales and Marketing at NAB this year.

Tom has been my most reliable source of information through email and the Glidecam forums so when I heard we were both going to be at NAB I jumped at the chance for some one-one setup instruction.

We were fortunate that Schy Gleason from Clapping Trees Media was there and agreed to film the interview with another one of my D7000’s. Poor Schy didn’t realize what he was getting into as we wanted to have him shooting into the Glidecam booth. This meant standing in the very busy aisle getting bumped and jostled as he tried to figure out a system he had never seen before. Thanks for the help Schy.

After a rough edit I was left with over 38 minutes of useful info so I broke it down into 3 parts:

Part one: Initial setup and horizontal balance

Part Two: Vertical balance including counterweights and the “wings”.

Part Three: Fine tuning, using, tips and tricks

Be sure to watch them all as Tom drops little gems and useful tips throughout.



Don Valentine

June 2, 2011



I just bought my Glidecame HD2000 a week ago, and I’m preparing to shoot my first wedding video in HD using my Canon 7D. I was pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to work the way they show in their videos. The manual they include doesn’t really do it. I was following along wtih your videos, and I now have a much more stable rig.

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning and give this a go!

Thanks again for taking the time to capture this live demo and share it on your website. You rock!


June 3, 2011


Thanks Don…

I know what you mean…being able to actually walk through step by step and ask questions during the process really helped me…glad it helped you too…

I was impressed that Tom cared enough to spend the amount of time with me that this took during a very busy NAB show.

Shows he Rocks too…


Stefan Simonsen

August 17, 2011


A big THANK YOU from the other side of the atlantic ocean!!!

I made the same mistakes like you and put too much counter weights to it and didn’t know about how much to expand the thing below and was really near crying and selling it…

Now I have understood the way it works just because of your videos – they should have pay you for this and your effort!

Again, thank you! :-)

BR from Germany


August 17, 2011


You’re more than welcome Stefan…Glad they helped and you’re on your way

Once you get your head (and body) wrapped around it you’ll be flying and free shooting at will…

Don’t forget the practice exercises Tom talks about…they do work

Have fun…Ric

nagesh budania

November 6, 2011


thanks tom for your demo it helped a lot. you gave proper guidelines to get the rig ready to shoot.


[…] The Glidecam HD2000 does takes some time to balance the camera correctly but once you get it right, you’ll be able to capture video footage while moving around freely without camera shake as well. The instructions that I received with the HD2000 are not the greatest so for those of you who are in need of a video tutorial I recommend watching some videos that I found extremely helpful here: […]

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